All guests visiting our Hotel for leisure receive a rich breakfast buffet included in the price.

In addition, you can enjoy the extra meals (lunches, dinners and suppers) ordered on - site upon arrival or during booking.

Specialities of the hotel kitchen

Specialities of the hotel kitchen

We specialise in delicious traditional Polish and Silesian cuisine, and dishes typical of the Cieszyn region.

To provide best quality food, we make use of raw materials from local organic crops and farms.


Buffet Breakfast

Cold cuts
Fresh and matured cheeses
Boiled eggs 
Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers
Lettuce, sprouts
Salad dressings based on olive oil, yoghurt, cream,
Natural and fruit yoghurt 
Scrambled eggs
Hot sausage


Various breads
Honey, jam
Tea: black, green and fruit
Lemon, sugar, cream for coffee



Set 1

Tomato broth with garlic croutons
Roasted pork neck in herbs with natural sauce
Potato slices
Turnip salad, carrots braised in butter
Cupcake with raspberry mousse, juice, water

Set 2

Cream of broccoli with puff pastry croutons
Chicken roll stuffed with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes
Potato pure
Carrot salad, a bouquet of steamed vegetables
Panna cotta desert with cherries in syrup, juice, water

Set 3

Celeraic soup with grated dough and nuts
Pork rolade stuffed with mushrooms
Potato cones
Salad with herb sauce, steamed broccoli
Ice cream with raisins and nuts, juice, water

Set 4

Forest mushroom soup
Meat and vegetable kebab
Coloured rice
Chinese cabbage salad, celery salad with pineapple
Shortbread cake with fruits and meringue, juice, water

Set 5

Wisła sour soup
Beskid pouch
Baked potatoes
Fried cabbage, beetroot salad
Vanilla marshmallow with caramel, juice, water

Set 6

Goulash soup
Pierogi mix: with cheese and potatoes, with meat, with cabbage and mushrooms
Red cabbage salad , carrot salad with horseradish
Cheesecake with raisins and nuts, juice, water

Set 7

Cream of  mushroom soup
Baked salmon with garlic butter
Fried potato balls
Leek salad, a bouquet of steamed vegetables
Strawberry mousse with whipped cream, juice, water