Wisła has become a favourite resort for skiers in the past few years. It successfully competes with Zakopane and Szczyrk - among other things because of the easy access, excellent infrastructure and lower prices.

Amenities for Skiers

In our town you can take advantage of over 20 ski lifts with routes of varying difficulty. Almost all the slopes have artificial snow, are groomed and lit. Each of the lifts has equipment rental, ski schools as well as restaurants and large parking lots. A significant advantage is also the ski-buses, transporting skiers from the hotel to the slopes.

If you plan on skiing, take advantage of the offer of the Wisła Skipass (1 pass for 12 ski resorts).





 A list of all the ski slopes and lifts.

Partecznik www.partecznik.bo.pl
Distance from the Hotel: 300 metres

  • T-bar lift: 500 metres
  • Platter lift: 100 metres
  • Separate route for children riding on a sledge

Lit, snowed, groomed, with parking, small catering, equipment rental, slopes for beginners and intermediates
Nowa Osada www.zima.nowaosada.pl
Distance from the Hotel: 4 km

1. Cable railway - 4-person chairlift

  • length of 960 m (3 runs from 960 to 1300 m)
  • difference in altitude 196 m
  • capacity of 1800 people/hour

2. Platter lift "Krasnal"

  • length of 150 m
  • difference in altitude 18 m
  • capacity of 500 people/hour

3. Platter lift

  • length of 60 m
  • capacity of 500 people/hour

artificial snow, groomed, lit, parking lot, small catering, equipment rental
Siglany www.siglany.wisla.pl
Distance from the Hotel: 2.5 km

  • T-bar lift: 500 metres
  • T-bar lift: 250 metres

artificial snow, groomed, lit, parking lot, small catering, equipment rental